Saturday, July 2, 2011

Rode instead of watching TdF

Summer is here. It seems like we've just had more nice days in the last few weeks than we had all last year. Today is totally beautiful, sunny and warm, but not quite hot. At least not by my standards. Warm enough to get a good sweat on, but not have to worry about heatstroke or anything.

I'd wondered what sort of ride to do today, since it would be a crime not to be out. I landed on going out 22x and back, aiming for 2.5 hrs. My knee is feeling strong these days but I don't think it's ready for a full-blown rampage down RtN, or a much longer ride.

The hills on 22x are not quite as dramatic, but still respectable. This is the bike course for the chinook half IM, and it's widely regarded as being fairly tough, much tougher than the local 70.3 or GWN up just west of Edmonton. At least on 22x there are some flat spots which is certainly NOT the case with RtN.

I know Julie has been desolate lately because I haven't put many numbers in my blog. So here we go, just for her:
65.1 K total distance
25.6 kph average speed
79 average cadence
85 kph top speed
158 max cadence
2:31 total time, 1:18 out, 1:12 back. (turned around at the top of the west hill from Priddis Valley.)
125 average heart rate
144 max heart rate
2310 calories burned, though that seems too high.

The things I do for my fans...

Part of my intent was to try to keep my cadence up, but I didn't succeed as well as I did on the run. Still, I'm feeling stronger going up hills. I'm sure there are previous rides about that long with higher cadence, so I need to work on it. I also need to get Estela worked on, it's become very difficult to get onto the big ring. Once there I tend to stay there until I'm forced off of it.

Turns out I timed it just about right. I could have gone on a bit longer, but was beginning to get a bit uncomfortable, and my legs were getting tired. I ate a banana, 1 gel, and a Clifs bar, drank 2 water bottles one of which had Nuun in it.

It was a great ride! I felt happy and strong and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Odd that I didn't see many other people out on bikes. Maybe they're at GWN or other races. I've got a couple buddies doing GWN, hope they have a great day!

Now to go BBQ!!!


  1. Hahahahaha!! I just read this entry...thank you so much for the numbers. LOL!!! They FEEL right. Hahahahahahahaha!

  2. I am sad that I didn't get out for a bike ride this weekend. It was so beautiful!!!


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