Monday, June 27, 2011

An unconventional workout

Yes, I was vertical, at least for most of it. I know what you were thinking. Sigh.

We are deep into monsoon season here. Sometimes it rains all day, but the usual pattern is to have a nice hot day, then a brief but intense rain shower during the late afternoon, then a nice evening. For those of us in the office most of the day, it becomes difficult to keep the lawn under control. Mowing wet grass is no fun at all.

What with rain and other things it's been a about a week longer than I like to let the lawn go. Tonight was the night. I use a push mower because I don't like the noise and smell and vibration of a power mower. But today I would have cheerfully put up with it. Normally with a push mower I go over things once and it's done. I was over most of the lawn twice, and three times in some places, and there are still spots where it looks like I missed a spot. Plus we've got some ground cover weeds, the ones with the tiny yellow flowers, and they are tough to cut. Maybe I should sharpen the mower?

Then weed whacker time, taking longer than usual. Then, actually having to rake the lawn. Geez. Times like this I become seriously tempted to have it all ripped out and have a nice gravel desert scape put in. Maybe with some cactus, you know, the ones with the huge long spikes, planted just where people cut across the lawn. Then I wouldn't need to mow at all, would I? Then I could train more. Or go to the office more and earn money. Decisions, decisions.

In any case, I'm totally counting this. Aerobic and core, all at once.


  1. EXACTLY. I am one of those people who DETEST gardening/mowing the lawn/any kind of lawn maintenance.

    It is a big pain in the bum and I really don't *get* why us humans decided that having nice, neat rectangles of green is so important. And exercise in futility if you ask me.

    What do we have like 2.5 months of actual nice weather? And to waste those precious weeks on pulling weeds and mowing lawns. No thank you!

  2. Mowing the lawn used to be one of my chores when I was little (now I pay a hefty HOA fee to have someone do it for me...that might be an option for you, but then you'd have to a) move and b) pay a hefty HOA fee). Anyway, I used to listen to music while I mowed and that helped pass the time. And it absolutely counts as exercise.


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