Friday, September 17, 2010

Free, to a good home

Yes, you read that right, FREE!! It's my first give--a-way. I got this as a prize at my second half IM, so several years ago now. I was the very last person to cross the line, except the line wasn't even there anymore, just a guy with a stop watch. You can read about it here.

Here's the prize. It's a set of carbon fibre aero bars, retail value about $220.
They aren't going to work for me. You can see from the ruler that they're quite short. On me the armrest is only slightly aft of my wrist bones, so I suspect these would be a good fit for someone with short arms. So how do you win this prize? Leave a comment telling me why you should win. Making me laugh is a good plan. So is clear logical reasoning showing how the bars will make you so much faster you'll pick up all sorts of prizes at races, which you will generously share with me. Begging might work, if you're really good. No need to facebook friend me, or twitter anything, or even add yourself as a follower to my blog if you aren't already. Though feel free to do those things if you want.

Here's the kicker though. If you're the winner you have to drop by to pick it up. I suppose I could meet you at some mutually convenient location, in Calgary, and give it to you then. But in that case you won't get any milk and cookies. It need not be instantly, so if you're planning a trip to Calgary, or have friends here willing to be your intermediary, I can cope with that. Unless you're cute and therefore I'd be missing out on a hug. :-( For my American readers, this gives you a good reason to pick a race in or near Calgary this summer. There is no shortage to choose from. So, lets see. Today is Sept 17. I'll give people till Sunday Sept 26 to comment. I guess if you comment before I look at my blog on the 27th, that would be ok too. I'll choose a winner based on my own arbitrary set of criteria, and announce him or her on the 27. That gives you something to look forward to on a Monday.

The great basement library tidy up is going well. Here's the proof:

Compare that to the photo in yesterday's blog. The neat thing about tidying up is that you find all kinds of stuff. Stuff you'd forgotten you had. Stuff you wonder when or how you came to own. So far there is a big bag going to the Sally Ann, several bags of garbage, and our big blue recycling in on wheels is nearly full. Most of it is paper or cardboard. I somehow don't think there is much of a market for old Macworld magazines from the early 90's.

No fitness today, unless you count a zillion trips up and down the stairs, toting books and all sorts of other crap up and down. And we had pizza for supper. So there.


  1. I have longer arms and am not going down to Calgary anytime soon, but this is such a cool idea! I won't be begging for them - but am going to check back to see who is! Haha.

    The library looks AWESOME. Very satisfying, isn't it?

  2. Macworld magazines from the 90s?

    YOU FOOL!1! Why aren't they the prize? Especially since I don't know what carbon fibre aero bars are or what they're for or why you spelled "fiber" "fibre".

    I think I should win these because they obviously are too short for me if they're too short for you plus I have no idea what they're for and have no intention of picking them up if I win them.

    Plus I get extra points for the anti-Kanadian xenophobia.

  3. I think I should win them because as long as they fit me I will actually use them. I DO know what they are for and I don't have any. And I can't afford any right now. And maybe if I had them I would ride my bike more. And if I rode my bike more, then I'd maybe win some tris. And if I won some, then maybe I'd get sponsored. And if I got sponsored then I'd have money to give away to underprivileged children in other countries.

    So see, giving me these aero bars could save a child's life.


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