Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Yet more snow

A jerk nearly spoiled my swim today, but I looked over it. He wasn't worth getting upset about. Just because he's an idiot that doesn't want anyone to pass him, and will speed up to prevent it from happening, even after you've nearly done it. Then he squeezed me into the lane ropes to get out of the way of the third swimmer coming towards him. I thought, briefly, about grabbing him by the foot and punching his lights out, then thought better of it. That particular set was very fast.

Otherwise the swim went really well. Just under an hour. Not quite a half hour of core that I didn't do last night. Yoga as usual.

The snow is falling hard here. There wasn't time for a run, so I'll probably have to make it up with a water run tomorrow. They're saying there might be several inches of snow. But why am I telling you this? If you're interested you can read it yourself. 10 cm is 4 inches, pretty close.


  1. Today was the first time in over a year that the weather chased me inside to the treadmill. Sleet. Sleet and 50mph winds is what'll stop me from running outside.

  2. I think you shoulda taken the jerk coulda.

    Really? More snow? I'm sorry about that...

  3. It's instances like the one you described in the pool that illustrate the darker side of human nature...Same as when I am getting my hair cut and the hairstylists are all rudely gossiping and spreading rumours about other people.

    This is when I can understand how Hitler rose to power and held it. The mean pettiness of some people when they get into a pool for chrissakes!!!!! I mean really. Are you serious people?? To actively try to not let you pass?

    What the frick is the matter with people?

  4. It's April down here in Joisey.

    What the eff month is it where you live?

    @Neil Z. Sleet & 50 mph winds drove you indoors?


  5. dont you love those dolphin like swimmers?! a few around here as well! PLEASE keep the snow out west! hope summer comes soon! Cheers

  6. you and linda need to move here.


    proud of you for tapping into your buddha nature you shark you! :)

  7. Shoulda hit the jerk with a snow ball. Could start something interesting....time for sprinting?Just sayin.

  8. I had a guy in the pool a couple of weeks ago - there were only 2 of us but because on one side of the lane the steps kind of come into the lane I thought best not to ask to split the lane between us (cos I'd want the nice side!) Anyhow, I thought we were getting along pretty well - at one end of the lane as I was passing him, he started moving over, and over, and over, so in the end I was squeezed against the side, but that was kind of ok, so I just turned (tightly!) and swam. Anyhow, low and behold, as I come up the lane again after turning the other end , there he is, standing in the middle of the lane, legs wide open, so I couldn't get past (mnaybe I should have swum between his legs, that would have been funny!) - hmmmm....I;m thinking, this guy wants a chat! So, I kindly stopped, at which point he told as I was the better swimmer I should swim around him.....I did try and explain that I was trying to do that, but as he squeezed me against the side there wasn't anywhere else I could go! I then swam off again. He then proceeded to stand at the end of the lane and watch me swim for FORTY minutes - I kid you not - boring if you ask me! He then got into the hot tub, and when I finished, I was just gazing around and he was STILL staring!

    Lane swimmers eh, when they just don't know the etiquette - hahahaha! Oh, and he complained to the lifeguard - little did he know that it's my one of my best friend's and neighbour in town - hahahaha!

    So, I guess you get them everywhere! If only they were all like us hey! week....sunshine and double figures - woo hoooooo!


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