Tuesday, April 27, 2010

There was a firm brains/legs talk

It's no secret that I've been disappointed in my biking for most of the last several months. Still not sure why, but I'm getting pissed about it. So tonight I got on the bike, and while doing a good warmup had a firm talk with my legs. I told them I wasn't getting off till the planned ride was done, or they actually failed. I told them I was done getting off because there was a bit of pain. I told them they were going to push through, they had to suck it up, and all that other stuff. I told them that if they could run, they could bike.

1:50 later I got off and stretched. Happy. Sweaty. Legs tired, but feeling pretty good. Took the warm up slow and gentle. One leg drill was good, and I could have gone longer. Then some 20/20's. Main set involved 3x5 min on starting at TT gear or less one. I did the first one in TT -1 just to see how it felt, and then went to TT. The 3x4 min in TT+1 at 85rpm. Then 3x3 minTT+2 at 80, except the last one that I did at 85. Just because.

I won't say my legs felt great throughout. No, there were times they complained and grumbled, but I was in no mood for it. I found I had to concentrate on spinning, and my upper body wasn't as steady as I'd like for most of the ride. Standing sucked big time. My right knee didn't like that at all, right at the top of the pedal stroke. Good thing the plan didn't call for any standing.

The good thing about the ride was looking at my heart rate. It's getting back to where I think it ought to be, and the one minute recovery was consistently about 30 bpm.


  1. WOW. That's the thing about pain -- it is different for everyone and what one person can push through, one person may be experiencing bone-grinding pain that will lead to a more severe injury.

    I believe each of us knows our bodies the best....most of the time anyway. :) :) Sometimes we need a little guidance to push on back on track... :) :)

    Here's hoping that stern talking to will get that knee to pay attention!

    Nice bike ride by the way. Very nice, Keith! :)

  2. Good job Keith, the brain and the legs/muscles are a team. I guess somtimes one needs to give the other a HTFU talk. Hopefully you got it sorted out now. I agree with Julie though, no one knows your body like you do. You know when it's time to get off and when it's time to giver sh#$t.

  3. Good ride, but yeah, remember to listen - not worth causing months of physio just because.....

  4. Good for you - showing your legs who's boss! It's all about taking it one day at a time and it sounds like yesterday was a major break through.

  5. one of the hardest parts of endurance training...figuring out when you need to stop and when you need to push through. only you will know the answer.

    keep up the good work!


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