Thursday, July 30, 2009

Estela gets washed up in prep for the big day

This has been a quiet week for me, mainly resting, with some walking and stretching thrown in. Today was a bit more ambitious, with a 45 minute ride first thing this morning before it got hot. Warmed up, then spooled up to race pace, or so, and did that for about 10 minutes. Then alternated between some easy spin and some almost all-out intervals, then some nice easy spin to end up.

I did a somewhat leisurely transition then headed out for a run. Started with some short stride high cadence work, then settled in for 10 minutes at race pace or so. Then some short high turnover work with easy run in between. That ended up being a half hour to get back to the house. Walked a bit to cool down, nibbled, then stretched for a while. My left calf is still a bit tight, even with the rest and stretching. There were a few complaints, then it settled in for the run.

While getting ready for the ride, such as it was, I realized my bike was just filthy from road dust and other guck. There was a bumble bee tangled up in the shifter cables, poor little thing. So I set up Estela in the driveway and gave her a thorough cleaning. Cleaned and lubed the chain. That whole process goes much better when wearing rubber gloves, though my hands were so sweaty I wasn't sure I was going to get them off again.

I'll pick up my race package tomorrow. Saturday will be prep day. I'll have to drive out to Ghost lake for bike check in, which is about a 2.5 hour round trip. Before that I'll do a last quick spin and run to tune up my legs. This should be fun. There will be lots of people I'll know in the race. The weather is looking great. I probably won't post again till after the race.


  1. Hey keith have a rocking race my friend!!

  2. Can't wait for the BBQ!!! I'm heading up to Calgary on Saturday so I just might run into you at Ghost Lake. :) :) :)

  3. See you on Saturday morning. My wave is the last of the day so I'll get to see everyone start.

  4. Have a great race! Nice to meet you yesterday :)
    See you out there!

  5. Have a great race! Give it hell!

  6. I can't wait to see you cross the finish line! As I said to Shannon, no hurling on my shoes after the race, tee hee. GO GET EM!!

    PS I know I don't have to ask whether or not you gave the poor mr. bumblebee a proper buriel...

  7. Good luck this weekend! I'm working packet pick up Friday evening, then I'll be doing something at the finish line. Hope to see you cross the line!!

  8. Good Luck out there!! SOunds like you are ready to go!! Steady on your feet whenyou mount the bike, Linda can not take anymore falls:) Honestly, I saw the look on her face last time....

    Whooooo Hooooooo!

  9. GOOOOOOOOOOOO KEITH!! I guess we have to pick a time to drop the bikes off as the parking is for shit out at ghost lake...? I want to give the yellow cervelo a nice rub down today as well. Let's have a great day out there on Sunday!!


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