Tuesday, February 3, 2009

semi-solid burps

The resolutionistas have arrived in force at FOMC. I don't hardly recognize anyone there. The lane I usually swim in had two fast people in it, and the rest of the pool was full of floaties. Just behind me I recognized a new person that I didn't want to share a lane in. I made an instant decision. I would join the fast swimmers and try to keep up. There's always another day for drills.

Brisk 500 m warm up to get dialed in. The guy in my lane swims slightly faster than me, and I swim slightly quicker than the girl. Settled into hard 100 m, on 2:30 start. Most of these are done in about 105 to 108 seconds, so I'm pretty consistent. Did 8 sets, trying to remember everything about a good stroke that I covered with Greg. By the end of the last one my arms are falling off and my time dropped to 1:10. I passed the girl a couple of times. The guy slowed down and was doing some drill. He was taking really long slow strokes, like about 12 to complete 25 m. 30 min swimming.

Then into the dive tank for 30 min of core. Abs are really feeling it. (no semi-solid burps yet, patience.)

It was nice today, so I put some chicken in a ginger chili marinade, then BBQ'd it this afternoon. My timing was perfect. Linda got off the bus just as i was about to put the buns on to toast. Yummy with spicy Havarti cheese! So we ate about 5:15. I was already packed up for spin class. (This is foreshadowing.)

What I didn't know, or had forgotten was that tonight was MAPs. I don't know what that stands for, other than Mad-Ass Pedaling. Or Mighty Abject Puking. Long warm up with Katie and Leslie. One leg drill with accelerations. Then I think something else, I forget what though. Then into the MAPs. It means pedal 100+rpm in a gear where your heart doesn't quite explode by the end of the set. We did 1 min on, 2 min easy, six times. Then some rest, and 1.5 min on, with 2 min rest, times 5. I wasn't quite regretting the chicken burger, but was pretty clear on the concept that waiting till Linda gets home to eat is just a little to late on MAP nights. The second last one, I sat up, and had to burp before getting some water in. Out happens before in. Let's just say I got a little more than I bargained for. I'm glad I had my water bottle in hand.

That was a very solid 2 hour workout. I had a long coold own, but I can still feel it in my legs, even after a little bit of stretching. Greg said that tonight was only 13 minutes of real work, and in a few weeks we'll up up to twice that. I'd better push dinner back at least an hour and a half.


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