Wednesday, February 11, 2009

morning swim and run

Back into the pool again, this time trying to be a bit more disciplined about my warm up.
250 m warmup
50 m each of kick, front scull, ab scull, one arm, front pull, fist, golf. Times 3. Golf scores 80, 85, 87.
100 m intervals with 30 sec rest, times 3. Two were 105 seconds, last was 108 or so.

1600 m altogether, just a hair over 45 minutes. Another 15 min in the dive tank on core work.

Home, snacked, dressed for -15 C or so, and headed out for a run. It was brilliant, clear and crisp. Well, maybe just a bit beyond crisp on the way out, as I was going into the wind. The mountains were sharp and huge. The path wasn't in great shape because of the snow yesterday. Did I mention we got about a cm of snow? Coming back with the wind was nice, ended up unzipping and pulling my hood off. Did 6 x 10/1, nice and aerobic, but no heart rate monitor. What with warm up, run, cool down, and a bit of stretching, we'll call this 1.25 hr, even though it was actually a bit longer. If I get ambitious tonight while Linda's at yoga, I might do more stretching. Or I might go to bed.


  1. Golf. Swim 50 m and keep track of time to the second. Keep track of how many strokes it takes. Add them together. Lower is better.

  2. Chuck -- it means you have an unnatural ability to compute whilst swimming. LOL!!!!

  3. When do you have time to work and sleep? I feel like you are in constant motion!!!!


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