Tuesday, February 24, 2009

more snow. Uggh.

Swim was nice and easy this morning. No drill, just swim 1500 m, 30 min, slow and steady. Kept my 100 m splits, just for fun, to see if I'm swimming a steady pace. The fastest was 1:50, the slowest was 2:03, and most were clustered around the 2 min mark. So I guess that was steady. Worked on stroke throughout. I can tell I'm spending much less effort to swim at these speeds than I used to. Heard a traffic report while there, so I wasn't in a hurry to leave. Hung out in the dive tank doing some stretching, and more in the hot tub, but I'm not going to count it.

The weather is the Rolo shits today. Most of the major roads heading downtown were a parking lot during rush hour. Even so, we got lucky and it didn't snow as much as they said it might. Ran at lunch time, just around the neighbourhood. I didn't wear a watch, since it's cold enough that I didn't want to unwrap to read it. About .75 hour, nice and easy with some strides. These were done on the shoveled sidewalks where I could trust the footing a bit. Here's what I looked like after the run. I still have to learn to get the head angle right so you don't get the flash lit tour of my nostrils. And that's water condensed on my mustache! Not, well, not what you thought it was.

Katie sent me the bike workout for tonight. It's a gooder. Warm up, one leg drill, then into a multi-faceted main set, timed to the minute, ascending a pyramid of stuff, then descending a different pyramid. Maybe I'll listen to some Alan Parsons during it. The plan is to spin from home. I'm pretty sure I mentioned the roads are crap. More details in a bit when I'm done.


  1. Poor Rolo.....

    So I guess now would be a bad time to put up photos of the flowers coming up?


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