Sunday, February 1, 2009

The math and the aftermath

We had a party for Mel and Shannon last night. A good time was had by all. Photos were taken. I don't think anymore needs to be said. I was astonished to find some sushi left over in the fridge this morning. After that I had my real breakfast, using some of the left over fruit. Doesn't this look good? Even better, I made the glass bowl.

Once I got out of bed I shambled around getting ready for my workout. It took a while. I made my energy drink but didn't do it early enough so it was still a bit warm.

Warmed up 15 min. There was an interesting bit where I was pedaling madly trying to get the rpm up, and it's like it was stuck at 80. Turned out to be looking at the average cadence, not the actual cadence.
25 min of one leg and acceleration drill.
11 times 6/4. Found a gear on the big ring at 85 to 90 rpm, where my heart rate was at the top of zone two, nice and steady. The 4 min easy pedal was in the same gear on the small ring, at 90 rpm or so. Still working my arm in the rest periods, pretending I'm bouncing a ball. Total 2.5 hrs.

4 min transition to dry off, change, grab a cookie and head out. It was just a little below zero, but nice out. Chugged along the roads and bike path for 30 min. My wife was saying she saw a guy on a nice road bike, out on the roads. That's fine as long as the drivers are paying attention. If they aren't, there is nowhere to go. Nowhere at all.

Here's some photos from the run. This is what crossing the roads look like now. This is way, way better than it was.

This is what many of the sidewalks look like, and this is better than it has been.

Here's a side street that the City doesn't plow. This is pretty good now. People have been getting high centred on ruts like this.

Once you've made your way past the sidewalks and streets, and get out to the bike path, you are rewarded with this view. The mountains aren't particularly clear and sharp here, but you get the idea.

And when you didn't believe me about the bike paths being in good shape, here's the evidence.

Weekly totals
swim 1.5 hr
bike 4.25 hr
run 2 hr
Total 7.75 hr for a nice easy week. Next week will be bigger.


  1. Haza for chinooks!

    I need photos of the party. Let me life vicariously!

  2. Nice workouts. That yogurt parfait looks yummy. LOL about looking at the average cadence as opposed to the actual cadence. I did that running once and spent the whole run depressed at how slow thought I had gotten until I realized the oversight. But it was such great relief to know it wasn't really that slow!

  3. it was an awesome time on saturday night - thanks to you and linda for hosting...i must admit i regret leaving my leftover sushi, i was craving it on sunday, LOL.

  4. Hey bud, thanks for hosting the event this Saturday past. It was a great time!

  5. That trail is calling me...we still have lots of snow on our trails. The bridges are a mess to get across. Had to tip toe and dodge the ice and pull myself across in the wind on the weekend!!


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