Thursday, February 19, 2009

The last of the MAP bike done

Swim this am was a bit ho-hum. Wasn't really in the mood. Did a bit of drill, but mainly worked on trying to swim from my core. Let's call it .5 hr in the pool, and another .25 hr in the dive tank.

Planned lunch carefully so I would be good and digested by the time spin session came around. Greg promised a big time workout and I didn't want to embarrass myself. Had a good solid 2 hour nap this afternoon, snoozing in the sun with Amelia the cat.

Warmed up. Heart rate all over the place, but mostly low.
One leg drill, then 15/15. Heart rate still low.
MAP sessions. Two sessions, 6 x 2 min hard, two min easy pedal. Did the first one in one gear too hard, and quickly fixed that for the rest. Very tired legs at the end. Glad they're done. Greg swears that we will look back one day when we're riding outside, and be happy we did these. Maybe so.

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