Monday, February 2, 2009

Da drill, Boss, da drill!

250 m warmup
Drill was 50 m each forward figure 8 scull, tricep scull push, kick, forward pull, one arm, fist. I don't know what anybody else calls these.
Did that 4 times, with an extra 50 fast front crawl tossed in to convince someone else they didn't belong in that lane.
3 x 100 m interval on 2:30, each done in under 2 min. Next time I'll shorten the time.
Total time was 45 min, for 1800 m, which seems fast for doing drills. Maybe I miscounted. Then another 15 minutes core work in the dive tank.

This evening hopped on Estela for an hour easy spin. Oddly enough, my butt hurt more after this than it did after the long ride on Sunday.

Oh, and Amelia does not like rice crackers.


  1. miscounted? nah.....
    sore butts suck!

  2. what's wrong with rice crackers?! haha


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