Sunday, December 7, 2008

Vacation. Snow. Workout.

I've started posting vacation photos on the web. In the section 'Other blogs I follow', click on Keith's non-fitness web page. Once on the London page, for example, there's a link in the upper right to go to the Venice page. More will be added. Watch for Milan, Rome, Torino, and Florence.

The workout today was shoveling snow. Lots of snow. Probably 6 inches or so. Perfect for making a snow man. A whole snow family that's been taking fertility drugs.

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  1. snow families do not take fertility drugs silly .... nice image though. i shovelled too. with my crazy puppy on a leash trying to entangle me and drag me to my death ...he was scared of the shovel and a but skiddish so he was all over.... but as sick as it sounds - i like shoveling if it isnt before work when i am already late and trying to stay presentabtle looking.....


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