Monday, December 1, 2008

Quiet pool; short swim

Today would have been a great day for a long swim since there was hardly anyone in the pool. Sigh. Anybody that didn't know how I normally swim would probably think I was doing pretty good. But I know better. My arm still hurt a little during the stroke, especially if I tried to speed up. I went 250 m feeling not too bad, but I could feel my arm getting tired and sloppy. Rather than train myself to do a sloppy stroke, I stopped, and went over to the dive tank for some core work.

Hanging on the edge with just fingertips hurts, so I had to hook my elbows. After that I did my regular routine, and it felt pretty good. So it's a good start. I'm looking forward to building some strength in my arm, and getting some speed back.


  1. You are on the right track, Keith! Now comes the seemingly slow process of building your strength back up, but you'll be back sooner than you think -- you can't keep a good shark down!!!

  2. Those sushi pieces at Sushi Tokyo were "jinormous". If we could get a few more sessions there you'll definitely build strength back into your arm/shoulder lifting those heavy things!!!

  3. Good job man, slowly getting back!!


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