Thursday, January 17, 2008

Way better than Tuesday run

The IGP™ called for 40 min 5r 1.5w today, and Tuesday was 40 min 5r 2 w. Today the very same 5K was done in 37:45, compared to Tuesday's 41:32. There was no particular push to run fast. My legs felt much better and the run felt smoother. My hams weren't complaining at all, and I could feel all of my calves working, but no pulls or tugs or complaints there either. I'm pretty sure I could have done a couple more walk run cycles at this pace, but this is a lighter week for me, and I know I need the easier workout. From my experiences in other workouts, I get the feeling that this was one of the days it came together, and I could see a big improvement without feeling like I was working really hard. Much more efficient. But on this sort of thing I've found if I push harder, thinking I'll get even more improvement, it all tends to fall apart. So I just enjoyed the run today on a beautiful morning, about zero C, no wind. This can't last.

5 min warmup
4 x 5r 1.5 w
6:45 min cool down

Total 37:45
Avg HR 120, peak HR 143, min HR 78, calories 573 (I still don't know if I believe this or not).
Following are the average HR for each of the walk run cycles
WU 100
1 r 125 1 w 119
2 r 128 2 w 114
3 r 128 3 w 122
4 r 131 4 w 126
CD 108

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