Monday, January 28, 2008

That's better

I feel much better about today's swim.
1000 m 19:36, nice and easy. I wasn't even breathing hard at the end.

The stroke felt good, and I was moving easily through the water. I was relaxed on my kick to continue to try to rest my calves and hams.

I managed to get a 3pm appointment today for some Shiatsu and acupuncture. That ought to be good.

If it's this frigging cold out tomorrow morning, there's no way I'm running outdoors. Yes, you win the "Neener neener, I'm not a weenie" contest, but are a big winner in the "I am stupid" contest, and a potential finalist in the Darwin awards. Not me.

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  1. yeah it is so cold here (-51) that my fillings hurt when i breath (moth shut).....I HATE IT LIKE THIS!!!


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