Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Moderately Ludicrous

Yes, that was the word for the spin class tonight. Moderately Ludicrous. I guess you had to be there.

I managed to get there a bit early, though I was stupid about it. Traffic totally sucked. And it was only when I was almost there I realized I hadn't run in the morning, and if I'd been just a smidgeon more organized, I could have put the bike in the car this morning, and driven directly from work to spin class. That would have taken an hour of traffic out of my day. Oh well. It was nice to go home and talk to my wife though, so it was all worth while.

My faithful fans will know I've had a bit of an owie in my left calf, so I did a nice long warm up while other people were getting set up. Once IronGreg flogged us into action, we started with the usual one leg drills. Then we did some cadence pyramids. The two long sets of MAP 2 min then 2 min recovery. Then a nice long cooldown. I was on the bike 2 hr 10 min, my longest ride to date.

Overall the workout felt good. I was careful about my leg, and paying attention to how it behaved. The higher rpms where I start to get jerky is where it starts to hurt. Maybe I need a running lesson to see if I'm doing something wrong that is jarring or stressing the calf muscle.

I can hear the astute amoung you asking why I don't put the bike in the car anyway, even when I run. It's like this. Normally I park at the FOMC, and there is a sign on the door that says not to leave valuables in your car, even locked in the trunk. The last thing I want to see when I come back from my run is the car broken into and the bike gone.

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  1. 2 hours and 10 mins - wow - how'd your ass feel after that?

    What if you got a nice sexy bike box - the time you would save and the gas you would save if you could have your bike in your car .....food for thought :)


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