Friday, January 11, 2008

The end of a long week

As is usual the IGP called for a 60 minute swim.

500 m 9:45 warmup nice and easy
6 x 50 m in 45 sec on 1:15 start (working hard on the last one, and didn't quite make 45.)
200 m recover, thinking about stroke mechanics
500 m in 5 sets of 25 m hard 75 m easy.
250 m nice and easy to relax.

20 min core and flexibility work in dive tank
Total 1750 m about 40 min
Total 60 min.

I was so asleep when the alarm went off! I'm glad I had everything packed and ready to go because I was shambling around like a half slaughtered ox. The swim went really well, though I felt slow and tired and out of breath for what I was doing.

The big news is the result of going upstairs and facing the machine of truth. 243! I guess that's the result of non-holiday eating, and a big workout week. I've actually felt a little rolly-polly here the last couple days. I guess you never know. Last week I felt lighter and ended up staying the same. Today I felt heavy, and am down.

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