Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Big (up)hill spin class

IronGreg put us through the mill tonight.

Most of the class did a minute each leg on the one legged drills, though I pooped out about 45 or 50 second mark. Still, that's way better than a couple months ago when I could barely do 30 seconds. So we did that three times each leg. Then 3 sets of cadence drills. Then the big main set. 3 sets of 10 min uphill drill, cadence about 75 rpm, big gear, going to a bigger gear every two minutes. One of the sets had a bunch of standing time, which I haven't done much of. At least I didn't fall over. I ended up being on the bike 1.75 hours.

This felt pretty good. I could have gone longer, though I was trying to be careful of the hams. It's odd, they feel tight and tired, yet I could easily touch the floor in front of my toes. In fact, I can even bend a knuckle and touch it to the floor. I don't EVER remember being able to do that. I guess when you aren't trying to fold up a small child worth of gut it's much easier.

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