Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Second false spring

There I was, out for a walk in Fish Creek Monday. The headline news is that I didn't fall down, didn't break anything in me or the camera body. All that is good. The paved paths are mostly clear, with some shady sections being completely snow covered, and a few bits being puddles of various sizes. There are reflections to be had in such puddles, which is what interested me. A couple people gave me some strange looks as they walked past.

Some of the paths are essentially a long skinny crappy skating rink between muddy bits. Or maybe muddy bits between crappy skating rinks. The snow has melted enough to turn to ice, sometimes with a faint skim of water on top. On the flat this isn't particularly a problem if one walks carefully. Which I did. 

Hills are a problem. I was exploring one path that went down a steep hill. I watched one kid go tobogganing down on her butt, frantically clutching at trees all the way. Parents were all concerned, but she was all, I'm ok, soaking wet at the bottom and telling parents it was their turn to come down. Which they did, really slowly, clutching at trees, doing a bit of bushwhacking to avoid the ice. I turned around and went back to the stairs that go down another part of that hill. 

I was carrying a film camera, so there are no photos of the adventure. This is from a walk a little while ago; I happen to know that stretch of path is bare and dry now.

I'm not so fond of this time of year. The ice on the rivers is totally unsafe, though I saw a couple daredevils crossing. The paths are a mess. I'm sick of the snow, but there's still lots of it around, and more might fall. There's still a ways to go till actual spring and colour and warmth. In fact we've still got TWO WHOLE FREAKING MONTHS where we could get a major road snarling traffic stopping snowfall. I'll tell you now, if that happens, I'm going to go back to bed.

I saw a couple bees while working the BBQ today, but I don't think they're going to find much to eat. 

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Film (new)

Film double exposures. More of what I posted on my photo blog last week. It's here if you missed it.


  1. Ah, spring in Alberta. We got hit with a major snowstorm at the end of April one of my university years...caused havoc for my parents who were driving down to get me, and for us to get back home for my summer of student working! Hope there's not much more coming at you :)

  2. Ah yes, it is official we are now in the brown season with the hope of colour soon returning to the land. In the meantime I find it a difficult time of year. That said I quite like your reflection. Cheers, Sean


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