Tuesday, February 8, 2022

The middle of a chinook

 The snow is melting fast. It's pretty much gone from our front yard, slowly turning to reflective pools. A wide lens and careful positioning gives you the current state of the front garden beds. Linda is beginning to worry about the plants thinking spring has come. That would be a mistake. Us humans know there are several more bouts of winter to come.

The back alleys are thawing out, leaving wonderful reflective pools.

In hindsight, I should have gone further afield and looked for more reflections because it was a beautiful day for it. The swim wiped me out a bit, being a milestone for my 1K time (18:24) and 100m time (89 seconds), plus lots of kick drills. This is getting me back into the territory I was in before the first trip to New Zealand so I'm pretty pleased. It's only taken 6 months of really working on it, typically 3x a week. There's been a few times where I come home, have some lunch, then go for a nap.

Back to the reflections. I was thinking today (Tuesday) would be good to go for a walk with the camera looking for more reflections. However, while it's nice out, it's cloudy, and that's not so good for reflections. Let's deal with some house stuff and see what this afternoon looks like. After all, if you don't like the weather in Calgary, wait a few minutes, it's bound to change.

Of the Day


Peony, but first a serendipity sunrise.

Lily, with ant


Film, two shots of the skyline.

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