Sunday, August 1, 2021

A lazy long weekend, except

Long weekends are not quite so special when you're retired. I almost didn't know there was a long weekend now. I got reminded by it getting mentioned by someone still working, then girded my loins for a trip to the market. More blackberries, if you must know. And peach raspberry pie.

Yes, I was wearing a mask. I had a line ready if anyone was going to remind me we didn't need to wear masks anymore. "The mask is just one of the things to help prevent catching a disease almost as loathsome as voting UCP." Alas, I didn't get a chance to use it. There will be other opportunities, I'm sure.

We won't get into the latest part of the so called COVID response. Basically Kenney has put his fingers in his ears and is shouting la-la-la at the top of his lungs. Alberta's official policy appears to be that the pandemic is over, we can all move along, don't worry about those troubling stats concerning the rapid growth in the Delta variant. Sigh. We will continue to wear the masks at most large indoor spaces.

As far as the Grey's Anatomy binge watching goes, we just reached the season 15 finale, where Meredith has just done something extremely stupid, and everyone else is behaving essentially like teenagers. Stupid rude inconsiderate teenagers. I'm getting tired of it.

The smoke is kind of weird at times. We don't actually see the sun till about 9am; it's lost in the murk till then. At times there's almost no smoke smell, then it's in your face really bad. That happened between one step and the next during a walk. Plus it's going to get really hot again. 

The migration from a vintage 2008 iMac to a new one appears to have worked out. I need to look at an xl created before the migration, add something to it using the new machine to see if it works out, and then send the result to my accountant. The next task is to add all the existing photos to it, and see if it will display them as a slide show for us. You might remember I tried doing that on the cube and it was too much for the poor little thing.

Yes, I'm working Image of the Month.

Oh, and I updated my other blog with photo related news.

Of the Day



Peony, from June 23. There will be lots from this date, some are similar shots, some not.

Lily, this is actually a recent shot, I just love that peachy orange.

Plus bonus peony and ant.

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