Saturday, June 1, 2019

May Image of the Month

Oddly enough, choosing the winner this month was easy. There was one that really rang my chimes big time. The problem is that there are a bunch that also rang my chimes, just slightly quieter. The red and orange wet tulips early in the month, for example. For a while I was thinking that red one might be image of the month. Then there the tulips from last weekend, looking like molten glass in the sunlight. The photo of Scott from the ranch is one of my best portraits ever, shot totally on the fly, checking to make sure that lens still worked after a bouncy trip to the ground. The squinty-eyed Celina photo. Some of the photos taken at Red Rock Coulee, or the Sandhills really make me happy.

Like this one, for second runner up.
This plant has lost it's battle with the sand. Or maybe someone before me planted some dead branches for a photo, and left them.

From the Red Rocks, first runner up.
A mostly desolate desert scene, yet there is scrub grass and even some flowers to balance the huge boulders.

And the winner!
A lily in our garden. You guys know I'm a sucker for the yellows and oranges.

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