Friday, June 28, 2019

Flower Friday

Now that we are getting nice weather, the flower photos are coming thick and fast. I'd meant to blog them earlier but it's been another zoom day. Credit to my buddy Heather for the title.

What the heck, you ask? A shadow shot of the flowers in the den that intrigued me because I could see the texture of the paint on the drywall. Or maybe it's the grunge on the back window because I haven't washed them yet this year.

A wild rose I found during a ramble in Fish Creek. The wild roses are going nuts down there, while our own seems to be more interested in sending out shoots and runners than blooming.

Another from Fish Creek. Don't ask.

The 14mm is not what you'd call a flower lens most of the time. Except I sometimes like trying to capture a landscape of flowers, and the interesting background effects that can happen.

Are you caught up? No. There are another 8 from Thursday that I'll get to soon. I need to start thinking about Image of the Month, and a couple of the flowers from Thursday are doing well in consideration. I also want to respond to some of the very much appreciated comments. Stay tuned!

Rock of the Day
I love the 14 mm when there's dramatic skies to be had, and interesting foreground (the rock, if you missed it) to go with a nice wide landscape.

Driftwood of the Day

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