Saturday, March 26, 2016

Last call for AMA!

I've had several questions now for the intermittently erratic AMA feature. My brain is turning on them, and already going interesting places. Thanks to the questioners so far.

If you want in on the deal this time, now is your last chance. I'm going for a run in a little while, and in between the fascinating conversations with my running buddy, my brain will be twisting and turning and going sideways on the questions.

After the feeble, weak, creaky, cranky swim the other day I had a perfectly nice 45 minute easy spin. I credit a nap with snoring cats.

Then the next day I was in the pool again for a buddy swim, and this was back to almost normal. The first 500 m was perfectly normal, 9:15, and the next 500 m kind of fell apart on me, 9:30 or so. Lots of water running with Katie, then some more 100 m intervals that were kind of slow. I didn't want to stress my shoulders so I left it there.

The 3 of us walked over to the Purple Perk and had a lovely coffee chat. Even though the butter tarts were tempting me in 3 part harmony, I stayed strong. Part of the discussion was if the energy balls Michelle made were cookies. We decided not.

Appros of nothing in particular.

So, don't forget, if you want in on the the AMA, now is the time. Comments below.

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  1. One more AMA question...if you could do any race in the world what would you do? Assume funds aren't an issue and you will be perfectly trained on the start line.


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