Friday, February 26, 2016

two extremes, back to regular programming

It's been quite a week for the blog.

Tuesday I posted a bit of an in joke, trying to lure my writing buddies into reading about SQL. It didn't work. That had the lowest readership post for many months. No surprise, even thought it's good SQL, neatly formatted and all, together with the story of how it got that way.

Then the very next day I posted NIMBYism, and well inside 24 hours it turned into my all time most read blog, with nearly 12 times as many readers as the day befores. The readership counter is still ticking over, just much slower now.

It's not that I've done anything different. There are lots of essays and rants on various topics. This one was particularly topical, with the event hitting the news, being mentioned by the mayor, and,  (the really strategic part), getting lots of retweets. I'll probably do a follow up on it, since the event is still in the news.

Fitness, coming off a meh week.
Monday, swim 1K 19:50 long course, feeling slow and weak.
Tuesday, run 4.5 K 30 minutes, feeling pretty good.
Wednesday, swim blah. Feeling really slow and weak. No water feel at all. 500 m easy, then trying 5 x 100, working hard, but really slow, barely making my interval.
Thursday, rest.
Friday, ran 3.5 K 24 minutes, running nice and easy, (just under 7 min/K pace) when I crashed, and banged my elbow hard on the way down. The one I banged a while ago, and it seems I bump it on something every day.

On my book, I think I've written myself into a dead end. I've tried a couple routes forward, and they don't go anywhere. I think I'll have to back up my last 500 words and start again from there. Just had an idea. Gotta go.

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