Saturday, September 7, 2013

The great cat de-spooring

Although we do have great cats, as distinguished from big cats, though one of them is pretty big for a house cat, it's actually the de-spooring that was great. As in a huge effort. Hours worth. Here's me after a small part of de-spooring the actual cat, after Linda had spent some time on the furniture. You can't even see all the cat fur on my shorts. I should use that material like a chamois, it would probably work better than a comb.

Here he is, despondent after all the fur he placed so carefully in our house, has been vacuumed and sticky rollered up. Cat paw buffering quilts washed. Slip covers washed. All that hard cat work, washed away. It would be worthy of an entry in the sad cat diaries. He's probably sent the entry off already.

Here she is, sleeping off the rigours of socializing so much. She was a much admired cat today.

We had hoped to play some croquet today, but the rain washed away those plans. Maybe next year.

No fitness today, unless you count the diminishing weight bicep curl.
Maybe some writing tonight, I think I've figured out how to rewrite a scene for more action and suspense.

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  1. Sounds like an allergy attack in the making! Though I am sure it is nice to have it done. :)


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