Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The close pool just isn't as much fun as Renfrew

Into the pool for a nothing special swim. 1K, 20 minutes, working on stroke, trying to stay relaxed and on top of my breathing. I find I've slipped back into my old pacing habit where I'd start smooth and fairly strong, then settle into a steady pace, then lose ground over the last bit to end up right on time. I think the time has come to start pushing the pace with some intervals and get back to my sub 19 K pace.

What was mildly amusing was watching the two guys in the lane next to me. The fast guy is just a bit slower than me these days, but they both churn through the water in a cloud of bubbles.

Did some kick, pull, and then stretched out my left leg. It didn't cramp on me but there were a few twinges, especially in the calf. Stretched it a bit this evening, but it's feeling distinctly tender. Not sure why.

Going to bed early to recover from the rant. And prepare for yoga tomorrow. No more slacking there.

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