Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Last real workout before Canmore Oly

Strong bike ride this evening. IG wanted a tempo ride tonight. Only 3 intervals, 4 minutes ez between. Did a 20 min warmup, then my intervals, then a cool down, then lots and lots of stretching.

131 avg heart rate first interval
136 avg heart rate second
139 avg heart rate third

I felt a bit tired at the beginning, and took it easy for the warm up, trying to keep cadence up, but effort light. Once I got started on the intervals my legs felt strong, and the whole ride felt fast. The "cooldown" was actually still pretty brisk, since the sun had gone behind clouds. I went about 37 Km in 80 minutes out 22X and back. Average cadance was 86.

The hard part about this ride was the bugs! Ick! I had to brush myself off when I got home. At one point I'd thought it had started to rain, but no, just a cloud of bugs. Saw lots of other people out for a ride.


  1. Well a chemistry test made my heart beat that fast too. :D

  2. Ewww bugs. I hate when they zing in my helmet, my eyes, and my mouth. I REALLY hate it when they get down my shirt.

    Sounds like you had a good ride!

  3. ping...ping....ping....buzzzzzzz.. splat


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