Sunday, June 23, 2019

Not from our garden

We took a bit of a drive in the country yesterday, or what passes for country near Calgary. It's very sculpted in an acreage and paved road kind of way. It used to be actual working farms and ranches, but they've mostly been bought out by people that want a mountain view paid for by their buy out packages. Some of it is waiting for construction, as if there isn't enough construction already.

The point was to visit a greenhouse in Black Diamond that has an art sale. My big complaint about it is that they don't allow photographic art, but several of the artists put up excellent work. I like looking at landscape paintings, mostly.

On the way out the white of the mountains had this really weird yellowish tint. No idea what it was, but it wasn't attractive in the least. On the way back it was much nicer.

The other thing I was hoping to do is get some photos of flowers we don't have, and hope the light was interesting. They have a small pond that I wandered around for a while, but didn't see a shot.

Rock of the Day

Driftwood of the Day
I took this one almost as much for the sky as the log.


  1. Love the sense of movement in the last photo. Will have to look at the flower photos on our iMac to really appreciate them, I think.

  2. The pano is a classic! I tool like the movement of the last leaf of the page (couldn't resist). It is a captivating and enjoyable turn, and possibly a new avenue for landscapes. Cheers, Sean


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