Tuesday, March 6, 2018

The wine poured so slowly

Every now and then one of my bottles has big wine diamonds on the bottom of the cork, and some of them settle out in the bottle. I've taken some macro photos of them, but they aren't as interesting as I had hoped.

Today, I'm pouring the wine for dinner and wondering why it's not coming out very fast. Maybe, I thought, there was still some cork in there. That happens sometimes. After I poured Linda's glass I took a look. Then I went for the camera. This has never happened before, a bridge of wine diamonds across the neck of the bottle.

I took a bunch of shots, playing with light and camera settings using the 100 mm lens. Which do you like?

I'm not entirely sure how I got that bit of blue in there. I especially like how the blue traces over parts of the wine diamonds.

This a much shorter exposure, same lighting, trying to get closer.

Once I pour all the wine out, I might try the big macro lens.

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