Sunday, March 4, 2018

The dragon spine, revisited

About a year ago I found this great tree in the snow. I walked past it again during my walk in Fish Creek last week. It isn't the first time, there are any number of photos of it in my blog over the last year. This features more the landscape than the tree itself.

I still want to photograph a model there, trail running past it, stretching on it, draped decorously on it in post run sweatiness. In summertime, of course.

There is about another foot of snow there now, but I haven't been again. Maybe later this week. I'm always just a bit twitchy about being the first one to break path on a river. Fish Creek is mostly really shallow, but I happen to know there are at least a few deep spots. I'm pretty sure I don't know where all of them are and would rather not find out the hard way.

The great 4 timing adventure is over. I was house-sitting for a BRBE while she was off on a mission to soak up vitamin D. At first the cats were all, who the heck are you? Then they got a bit more friendly, and by the end I had managed to comb all of them, 2 of them cuddled into my lap, and they were happy to see me when I arrived. But the looks I was getting from Curtis and Celina when I got home again! They knew perfectly well I'd been consorting with other cats.

It was fun watching the 10 mile Tri at Repsol after our swim. I didn't recognize any of the competitors, but it was good to see so many people having fun. For a while I was watching a pair of synchro swimmers doing some dry land visualizations, as they turned and waved their arms; at first I thought they were working on a cheer routine for the swimmers. I am always amazed how athletic they are.

The snow finally stopped and it was sunny today. The water is running in the streets a bit. The storm drains are long out of sight. I'm seriously thinking of renting a tiger torch.

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