Saturday, March 3, 2018

The cats response to all this snow

The snow finally ate one the hanging basket in the front patio.

When Curtis isn't asking out to help me shovel (He says, but I know he partially means he wants to hunt for his hot buttered mouse he knows is out there, and dreams of going after the rabbits, with a side of looking for better humans.) this is what they think of the snow.

And there has been lots of shovelling. I measured 30 cm of snow in the back patio where I haven't shovelled since this batch of snow started falling. The sun has just come out, and the snow is melting on the sidewalk and driveways. It will freeze again tonight, of course.

I dread the grader making another pass, the one that will clear the outside lane of the road by shoving it into our driveways.

When I haven't been shovelling, it's been tax slips and wine and dealing with recreational cat vomit cleanup at an inconvenient time. They scored full points there. At least I wasn't barefoot.

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