Sunday, March 11, 2018

Is it a re-run?

The Repsol track is flat, probably to within a cm or so, maybe less. Yet my run app thinks I ran up and down 60 m. I wonder what other delusions it has. Like the distance. I went around the track an exact number of laps. The app thinks I went 2.86 K, which is 12.76 laps.

In any case, after a wooden feeling swim, 5x100 in 1:45 on 2, then 500 in (hangs head in shame) 9:45, and this is short course, I put my shoes on and onto the track. 2 laps of walking to warm up more, then alternating walk run laps, then 2 laps of walking to cool down. I don't remember those running shoes being so darned heavy!

Then I was down to join BRBE and Miss Awesome Coachie, as they cored HARD! I didn't. I stretched carefully. My legs feel ok after, a bit tired in the quads, but nothing actually hurts. I suppose that's a good thing after 2 days of chipping ice while balancing on slippery ice.

A few of the steps today felt really good, but much of it felt like a slog. This is the first steps towards running again. I have these dreams it will get easier as it gets warmer and the ice goes away. (Holds hands over ears, Lalalalala, I can't hear you trying to break my bubble.)

Let's see what photo I find here. This chunk of ice is long gone, but there's still lots more, melting.

This bit of tiny waterfall is gone, after I chipped out ice 3 inches thick from the gutter at the bottom of the driveway.

Did I mention I fired up the BBQ today? Bison burgers. Yummy.


  1. Lovely pics! I expect your legs were feeling especially heavy after all that ice removal. It's hard to run or swim with ease when your muscles are tight and tired. Patience, my friend. It will come.

  2. I threw (chrome cast) the needle and ice onto the 32" office monitor. Nicely constructed and captured photo - it holds together very well. Cheers, Sean


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