Monday, June 6, 2016

The Serene, the Shite, and the Sweaty

I was nearly the only one in the pool today. A couple swim kids way down the other side. A couple guys that were just finishing up as I started. Overall it was 1.5 K in 27:55, most of it alone. It was quite and peaceful and serene. I waved my flukes genially but (mostly) effectively except for a few laps when I lost concentration and slowed down a bit.

It felt really good to be in the water, especially knowing how hot it was going to be today. I stretched out, worked on water feel, and thought about the race temptations being offered me. The Millarville half marathon, with no shade and potentially smoking hot sun. The Chaparral Oly, though I'm a little afraid of getting dizzy what with all the laps. Plus I'd need to get on my bike more and actually train for that.

Even though I didn't go in the hot tub, I strolled back and forth stretching my arms, listening to the sound of water going into the slosh gutters, watching the sun glisten on the water. Walking to the car I was thinking it was the perfect temperature for a run. I should have listened.

The sweaty part was the run after work. My legs weren't so sure, but were willing, and my lungs wanted to run. It ended up being 5 K in muggy 29 or 30 C (85 F) with an 31 humidex, in 33:30. My legs felt a bit clunky at first, and oddly enough it took a long time to feel warmed up. Ran a different route just because. A really sweaty one. I loved it!

Used to be I would keel over in this kind of heat just walking. Running was not to be considered. I'd have taken my chances trying to talk a bear out of eating me. Now it's great.

I was thinking about running home on Wed, but it's looking to be about the same temperature, so I'm reconsidering that idea. If my run buddy is willing to carry me if I collapse, I should be good to go.

What's in between those is the shite part. Did you know Maximo is a swear word sometimes? For the two of us today, it was. It got itself all knotted up and wouldn't let us do things that are perfectly reasonable and required. I spent all day doing something that really only should have taken a couple of hours. Sigh.

No photos today. They were all yesterday if you missed them.


  1. Wow! Your inner shark seems to have a puma twin! Wish I could join you for the Millarville Half - great bling and cinnamon buns! How can you resist. Loved all the pics of flowers and cats the last few days. Keep 'em coming please! Fantastic to read about Michelle's success too. Hope she takes you up on your offer to write a guest blog.


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