Sunday, March 27, 2016

If I had 3, they would be cookies

Not as much novel stuff as I had hoped for happened this week, but it's been BBQ rack of lamb. I mean, very relaxing. I mean, how can one NOT be relaxed with you have this?

 The Saturday morning run was lovely. This is one of the first times that a long slow run has actually been relaxing. I felt better at the end than I did at the beginning. My legs were feeling a little tight, then later that afternoon they wanted to go for another run.l

So, speaking of legs, me and my running buddy. It should be easy to tell which of us is which. Yes I ran in shorts. No she didn't run in painted jeans.

Part of our view.
 It's been interesting getting my heart rate monitor settled in at the start of a run. For a while it was reading 170 bpm which is flat out not right, considering my max is supposed to be 163. It got settled in and stayed nice and steady.

We started at the dog park at the end of Southland Drive, ran south to the pedestrian bridge at the north end of Fish Creek, back to Carburn park and around the little pond. That ticked over 11 K, 1:21 or so. A nice walk back to the car finished things off.

Then some treats! These are energy or recovery balls. They are not cookies! This has been decided. Though three of them would be cookies. I had two. They are very yummy!

Sunday was a very nice spin session pushing the heart rate up a bit. One the bike an hour.

 Oh! If you are a Joan Hickson Miss Marple fan, you can now get a Blueray of her BBC series. I got one from the library just to see, and the image difference is AMAZING! If I get organized I'll try to take some photos.

The AMA will be published tomorrow. Some of the answers are still being tuned.

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