Wednesday, March 16, 2016


So, remember back in December I was told I'd won a Garmin? Three months later to the day it arrived. Thank you to the famous Richelle for organizing and following up with them. To save you doing the embiggen thing or squinting, it's a Forerunner 25. It looks like it's going to be perfect for what I need.

Here's what's in the box. Don't get me started on rotated photos.
 It's charging up now, but I'm looking forward to seeing heart rate data again. For a while I was very strict on heart rate training, and it seemed to do good things. I don't think I'm way out to lunch on it, but it will be good to be sure. Maybe a spin later tonight, if I can escape the cats occupying my lap. More info after my first use.

In relation to nothing in particular, this is what a 5 ounce glass of wine looks like. No, I didn't add it to the same glass, there's another glass.

And another thing! My buddy Janice is coming to run the Calgary Marathon at the end of May. Yay! I'm planning to do the 10K so we can hang out in the start area together. I last saw her when we went for a run on Crescent beach in Nova Scotia. I am already making a list of the various places to take her.

Monday swim was ok for the day after the race. 500 m 9:20 3x 100, then some water running, 2 x 100, more water running and stretching. Chatting with Katie.

Tuesday 5K, 32:35 feeling pretty good for tired legs. I had to wear long pants again as the weather had cooled off to be merely seasonal, which feels really cold right now.

Daylight savings time just pisses me off! Seems like every year the spring forward one kicks my ass worse and worse. I've been wandering around this week half awake, feeling far worse than what you'd think being down an hour of sleep. Then again, I got a couple nights of really crappy sleep over the weekend. I've seen some really scary traffic stuff happening. Maybe it's distracted drivers, maybe the time change. I wish they'd pick one time zone, I don't care which, and leave it that way.


  1. Exciting that you got your new Garmin!!

    I also dislike DLS. Other than it being lighter out later... I'm enjoying that.

  2. Excellent new toy! Will look forward to hearing how you like it. My old 305 is on its last legs and needs to be replaced soon.

    Yay!! So excited to be heading to Calgary! And really looking forward to seeing you and Linda again. Fingers crossed for perfect running weather. I confess I was a bit dismayed when I read there's a steady uphill grade between 10k and 20k but at least I'll be motivated to do my hill training. lol!

    Like you, I hate DLS time but I must admit it makes getting out for my evening runs a bit easier.

    Happy training, my friend! Talk soon!

    1. We can drive the course before the race, if you like. There's that little burp just before 11 K, that is a bit of a hill, but the rest is pretty flat.

      And not to spook you or anything, but that bridge over Crowchild trail at 16.5 K isn't there anymore. There's a new one being built and so far none of the horizontal parts are in. No doubt there are people on the race committee building contingency plans.


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