Friday, January 23, 2015

Attack of the resolutionistas

Today was a bit of a gong show in the pool this morning. I got there earlier than usual and found lots of people swimming. My buddy Katie was circle swimming with a couple of other people in one lane, and the next lane had only one person it. I found out later this person is really reluctant to circle swim. It takes the lifeguards asking her.

So she and I split the lane for a while, then two new people jumped in the water as I was ending a lap. I stopped and asked them if they were ok with circle swimming, and did they mind waiting a few seconds for the other girl to come back so she could join the pattern.

"What other girl," one of them asked. She hadn't even looked. When I explained they said they'd swim in the next lane. Poor Katie, swimming with four other people, all much slower than her, all swimming erratically. Pushing off in front of her. No consideration.

Eventually my lane mate left and Katie joined me. Even though my swimming has been coming along, I still can't draft Katie for long. She is a torpedo in the water.

We did a major run to Costco the other day. It used to be that I really ought to take tranquilizers before such a trip, but I'm getting better. I strolled along, picking out stuff, and pushing an increasingly heavy cart. The guy in the way as I was about to escape didn't get run over. I figure I earned some karma points there. Humping all the stuff into the basement totally counts as a workout, since it included several heavy containers of kitty litter.

Thank you all for concern and well wishes for the mighty paw of Curtis. It looks like it's getting better, and he's not limping as much.

You may have notice some small changes to the blog. There are 5 linked within choices for further reading, and a feedback thingie you are all invited to click. I hope to have a few other changes done. I have been told I should update the video channel.

There has been some mild curiosity about my new hairstyle. Here's a shot of that, with a reflection bonus in the work elevators.


  1. That, my friend, is my only problem with swimming-->other people.

    1. If I were to build a house from scratch again, it would certainly include a 25 m lap pool. I'm sure I would have many friends wanting to come visit for a coffee, swim, then wine.

    2. I was looking (drooling) at those Endless Pools online the other day. Dave said no ;)

  2. Lane sharing rules are intimidating for newbies but ignorance is no excuse. Sorry to hear it messed with your workout and Katie's. Glad to hear Curtis is OK. I think the new do suits you! :)

    1. Not so much mine, since I wasn't on the clock for any great amount of it. Not being able to breath slowed me down. I remember one woman who checked very nicely about joining us in the lane. She earnestly assured me she could keep up. The other guy in our lane was one of the big dogs at Renfrew. She couldn't. After both of us lapped her a couple times she slunk off to the other lane.


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