Thursday, June 19, 2014

OK, so you guys aren't interested in my mojos

But that doesn't bother me. The swim mojo came back happy, but worn out. My swim started really well, then kind of fell apart at the end. This was after a 15 minute water run to let the swim pool clear out. The entertaining part was watching the girl in the next lane practicing her synchro swimming moves.

It stopped raining by the time we got home. I wasted little time, other than being stuck on hold for a while, getting changed and out for a run. I was a bit worried about this. I haven't really run since the half marathon, and the couple of K earlier this week didn't really reassure me. But I headed out anyways. The first K was brutal. I chugged along, out of wind, tired legs, wondering.

But it got gradually better. Everything settled down, and while it won't go down as one of the best runs ever, I'm not going to try to forget about it. I didn't have anyone to keep me on track, so I just ran along. It felt slow, and I was breathing harder than I thought I should be. Missing my run buddies. Since I haven't done a graph for a while, here you go.

My mojos said they were out looking for their buddy the bike mojo who has been missing for a long time. I think they were out partying.

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  1. To get your bike mojo back-there's always training for the fall MEC ride!


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