Sunday, June 15, 2014

How cats think they get points

Well, so much for #coffeechat this morning. After being awake off and on throughout the night, including a longish stretch about 4:30, I snoozed all through it. Sleep was more important.

It's been a busy day, mostly trying to dodge cats determined to be underfoot. Totally determined. Often. Frequently. Over and over. It started with me sitting and having some coffee. Both cats holding me down. At least I had a coffee to drink.

Eventually I struggled free, and started looking for a pair of shorts for a run later. This lead to a bit of a detour sorting through a mound of laundry. With the cats helping. It's funny how they dodge and weave, aiming to go exactly where I want to go, speeding up to get almost there just in time. Or waiting along the path, that's a good one too. I'm pretty sure they think they get points or something, for every time they almost get stepped on.

I managed to excavate a couch that has been covered with stuff, and when I checked it out by sitting down, guess what?

Eventually I did get out for a short run. Really short. At least it didn't rain, though it got cold and windy. My legs weren't really happy about it, feeling heavy and slow. I'm not sure where the run love has gone. If you see it anywhere, please send it back.

Then back to the rocks. More pressure washing. Then after they dried, well, you know. I still missed some. I'm beginning to think I'm going to need to put chalk or something on the ones that need work. At least the cats weren't underfoot for this. While outside I even worked on cleaning windows. The lodge is done, and several in the house. More will be needed, and it's easier in the sun, but at least the worst of it is off.

Even trying to write, it's the cats. Trying to be on top of the laptop. Getting between me and the screen. Sigh. I never


  1. i so want to come back as a cat in my next life! so awesome to be one, i am certain! meh about that run. well some days are diamonds and some are duds. Next time it is bound to be better - not to be all pithy and sunshine and rainbows...but I thinkk you know what I mean. Smae with a swim insn't it? Some must be easier or more satisfying than others....

  2. Celina's such a cutie! No run for me yesterday with double Father's Day. You remind me I also need to work in the garden....


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