Friday, September 6, 2013

Naaco truck love

The swim is coming along. Up to 500 m, just over 10 minutes. Slow. At least my arms aren't falling off.  Oddly enough the pool is still mostly empty. That can't last much longer. There was another 20 minutes of kick and pull, and some pitiful intervals. My inner shark is in hiding for fear his shark buddies will make fun of him hanging out with me. Or something.

I've been meaning to try the Naaco truck ever since the Calgary food trucks burst onto the scene. Somehow it's never worked out till now. There was a Sundown Chowdown at Calgary Farmer's Market this evening. There was rain threatening so we decided to get there early, do some other shopping, and move it along.

Here's some of the trucks, including Fiasco Gelato with another awesome selection of gelato. Sometimes choosing between them is really hard, and I've had some excellent meals from the trucks. You can see the storm building in the background, but Calgarians love their food trucks, and won't let the possibility of rain get in the way of a good time.

Buried at the far end is the Naaco Truck.

And here it is!

I had the beef vindaloo, sort of a pile of beef, with lots of veggies and yummy sauce, on an open pita. Did I say it was yummy? Linda had the chipolte chickpeas, and really liked it. Both were very fresh, tasty and zingy, without being an assault on your taste buds. It was just the right amount of food.

Maybe next year I'll have to make it a goal to get something from each of the trucks during the summer. I'd thought of that earlier this year, but never did anything with it. Such a task would require a bit of planning and organization, to say nothing of food truck stalking. Trying to bag the elusive ones that don't show up so much could be hard. Maybe they're shy, though that's hard to believe.

Then some shopping for goodies. Yum Bakery. High Country Bison which is now being turned into chili. Lots of fruit. The hand made ice cream we love. The market was a bit quieter than normal.

The short work week zoomed by with hardly any time spent on the novel, other than things chugging over in my brain. Plus Beakerhead is coming up soon, and that will take time too. Expect to see a bunch of photos out of that.

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