Sunday, September 1, 2013

Bison. Tenderloin. Free Range Organic. BBQ

OK, you're drooling already, I get that, and I haven't even talked about the two different specialty marinades Linda made. Or her potato salad that I love, which is hard for me to say after a traumatic childhood incident. To say nothing of two kinds of specialty shop ice cream with fresh organic raspberries on top, eaten out on the patio in shady warmth.

Saturday we zoomed down Road to Nepal to get to the Millarville Farmer's Market to get a few things. There was a surprising number of bikes out, even though it was still early. I was missing the ride, but there is no way I'll be up for it this year, unless we get a really long Calgary summer. Like November long. My calves are still tender from the massage the other day. The rest of the day was quiet, with only mental struggles on the novel. I figured out how to resolve the temporal dispute between several of the bits, and am happily piecing more things together. The big question, which guy does Ceridwen pick? The bad boy/good boy that she can have, or the too good boy who she shouldn't fall for because of complicated circumstances?

Sunday is another beautiful perfect day out there. I got started on my run along with the heat of the day, and had a good solid run. 7 K, 47 minutes, one bottle of fluid with Nuun. Not quite as light and happy as the other day, but still good considering my (really really deep and firm) massage the other day. I was aiming for a fairly easy pace, and try to go a little longer. Lots of other people out running.

Long stretch after the run, then house chores. Then the BBQ, and good news!

Talisman pool is open!! Just the training pool, but still. Now to see if I still remember how to float. Tonight will be more novel struggles.

From here on it's photos for fun. I should make you guess what this is, but it's clouds from the other day.

Curtis, in a catnip haze. You can see some on his fur. Yes, we drug our cats. Don't judge us.

Leana posted a photo of her neat, tidy, well organized, efficient, beautiful bling wall. I am overcome with admiration. Oh, it's on Facebook, so no link. Sorry. Here is mine.

Yeah. With a side of this where I can see it on my bike trainer. More yeah. Some of hers are framed, even.

This is the potato salad before mixing. The cooking cognoscenti among you will recognize the ingredients.

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