Sunday, August 12, 2012

Two runs, two days, 2xbutter tarts

I did try running the Friday evening of the food trucks, but it was much too soon. Much. Settled for some stretching and a bit of core (and wine) later.

Saturday I was up early for some reason. I didn't run all that long, 30 minutes or so, but after a thorough warmup I was running strides as fast as I could and still keep good form. I did several of them, but didn't keep count, mainly trying to keep my feet light and my posture good. I could have gone on a bit, but I was starting to feel my right hip flexor complaining. No back issues though. Stretched after, with some core. Lots of runners out.

The rest of the morning was quiet, reading the papers, talking to the cats, puttering around the house, chatting with Linda. After she woke up. The Guatemala Huehuetenango Rainforest coffee is excellent. I can't pronounce it, but it's excellent. From Crickle Creek. That fueled me up for chugging through business tax paperwork. I think it's all done, and just have to drop it off at my accountant's office.

That evening we were out for sushi with a buddy that I haven't seen in some years, though we keep in touch through Facebook and blogs, and a couple we don't see enough of. It was so much fun to catch up on what's been happening in peoples lives. Kinjo Sushi on MacLeod trial is pretty good and the staff is very friendly. The place was packed, but they didn't rush us out.

The 6 of us went over to see the state of renos at J&D's house, and we chatted and laughed our faces off (one of the group is extraordinarily funny) and just had a great evening socializing. Their home is beautiful, even though it's a work in progress. (Note to self, if I ever need to get rid of reno/construction junk, just throw it over their fence, they'll never notice.)

This is exactly the sort of day I was hoping to find when I got off the part-time job Ironman training routine. Do something for fitness on a regular basis. Spend some time with Linda and the cats. Visit with friends and have a good time.

Sunday we took our time getting going, then headed out for shopping. This is fun, or can be. We go to two Farmer's Markets pretty regularly, Calgary (corner of Blackfoot and Heritage) and Kingsland (MacLeod and 71 Ave or so) mainly because they're close, but also they are great places to hang out. Sometimes, like today, we are in and out, on a mission, but keeping an eye peeled for a deal. Other times we will stroll the aisles to see what's new, and maybe have a meal there. Both have amazing bakeries, both have great places to get meat, fruit, and veggies, as well as other stuff. You can buy and nibble there, as I did with an awesome sticky bun from Yum. Cinnamon, with caramel and raisins, a bit sweet, but not too much so, and just the dough texture I like. We are very fortunate to have such fine markets here, and try to patronize them as much as we can.

Once home I was back out for a run again. I just felt like running, and since I can't be on the bike, I indulged myself. Stretched first. In case you hadn't noticed, I'm trying to be much better about stretching and limbering up before the run, working on joint mobility and getting the muscles moving, rather than just doing static stretches. After I'm walking more, and doing some good static stretching with some core work. This is the first time in a very long time I've run two days in a row. In fact, I'm not convinced I've ever run two days in a row.

This run was easy and relaxed. Walked and ran very easy to start, then settled into a comfortable run pace. This was just faster than I could go breathing through my nose, and would be able to carry on a conversation. Another couple passed me chatting up a storm, talking Kona race plans. I briefly, oh so briefly entertained the thought to speeding up and joining the conversation. Then I saw how fast they were pulling away, and thought better of it.

The run was steady, trying for light feet and quick turnover. My legs felt good. Ran 5 K in 33 minutes, then ran easy part of the way home, and walked the rest. Ran between 40 and 45 minutes Long stretch after. I could have run further at that pace, but I think right now, especially with my back still being tight, I'd rather not risk over doing it.

Then BBQ bison and some sausage, and nibble, with a tiny perfect little cheesecake tart from Yum for dessert. Later tonight I have to get ready for work, though my swim bag is packed already. I want to watch some of the original Dark Shadows to see if I like it. Maybe some more core.

Oh, and the butter tarts. How could I forget them? I know that's the only reason most of you are reading this. Years ago we used to go to a small cafe near Millarville that served great butter tarts the size of a dinner plate. A while ago we went there again, and if you search my blog you'll find it, but I'm too lazy to post a link to it, to see if the butter tarts were as good as we remembered. Well, they weren't as big, that's for sure. Today at Kingsland we saw these. They are about twice the diameter of the regular butter tarts, and much deeper. The woman at the next booth assured us they were excellent. If I hadn't already had the really nice sticky bun, I'd have bought these. And pigged out. I'm pretty helpless in the grip of butter tart lust as well. Maybe next week.

I was having coffee with a work buddy on Friday. She loves cats so I was showing her the pics of Curtis and Celina. There is the one with them in the chair that I had tweaked with Snapseed, and she really liked that one. Plus some of the cloudscapes, and she didn't believe me when I told her it was easy. So I picked the one below, which is as ordinary as a shot could be with such a beautiful cat on a beautiful Australian Cypress hardwood floor, and inside a few minutes, while explaining what I was doing, I got this. Kaching! Another sale for Snapseed.

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