Friday, August 3, 2012

Sorry if this makes real runners grumpy

Today was the best run in a long time! Not crazy fast, but on the faster side of things for me, especially recently . Let me tell you about it. The day started rainy, but the forecast said it would get nicer as the day went on. So I did inside stuff in the morning, and sure enough, things were clearing up by mid afternoon.

I was all set to start when I realized it really had cleared up and sunscreen was indicated. That and some limbering up happened. Then I ran. It sounds so simple, but I was was in a groove within a few steps of starting. My feet and legs felt light, my posture was good, my breathing was regular and even. It stayed that way for 45 minutes, starting easier and then going faster. No niggles, no owies, no twinges, no nothing. Just a nice steady pace. Even up the hill out of Fish Creek was pretty good. It turned out to be 7 K almost exactly.

I could easily have kept going but I didn't want to over do it and ruin a good thing. One of my neighbours was there to chat as I was doing a cool down walk. Stretched really well after.
It was warm and sunny without being too hot. There was a bit of a breeze. I ran down through Fish Creek and have to say it smells just great with the recent rain. I don't think I was having the elusive runner's high, but it was getting close. I felt great!

Now if only I could be getting back on my bike and having it go at least not badly. I'l be trying Sunday. Saturday is a street fair that looks like fun, then BBQ at a buddies place. Real BBQ. Can you say pulled pork? What's that you're saying? What? Oh, where, you said. I couldn't hear you. Gotta go.

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