Sunday, August 26, 2012

I wore my IMC finishers shirt today

Saturday was a quiet day here. Slept in. Coffee, papers. Some errands while dodging geezers. Library to drop stuff off and pay fines. I am pretty sure I was the very youngest person in the building. There were two people talking to the two clerks. As near as I can tell they were reviewing every library transaction that ever happened to them, starting from shortly after the library in Alexandria burned down.

Then into Indigo, swamped by more geezers. I'm glad I saw that guy and his problems with parking. If I'd thought about it quicker I'd have videoed it. It took a long time, and I ended up having most of the available staff looking, but they eventually tracked down a copy of Cloud Atlas. The guy that found it for me said that inventory thing on the computer makes them crazy. They'll know it's somewhere in the store, but where? There are so many tables and end caps, and sale locations.

Then to the former geezer central, the barber shop. The one that really did it to me once has retired, and the shop now has some younger people in it. No taint. I had to take the scenic route home as a drunk driver took out a couple cars. Saturday morning at 9am and the intersection was closed for about 5 hours. This this morning as I was heading out for my run, a drunk left the road, took out a couple trees, and crashed into a garage door. That's a Sunday morning at 10. What is it?

I was grumpy that the IMC video wasn't working for the swim exit. It started working at some point during my run. Two years ago today I was doing IMC myself, and today I can't help but think about my buddies that are out there today. Hope they are all having a good day. In honour of them I wore one of my finisher shirts.

Ran an hour up to the reservoir and back. Mostly it was good, though my left side wasn't working so well. It was kind of weird, not painful, not achy, but just kind of stiff and not wanting to move. My left knee was especially bad. I took a couple of short walk breaks in the bit from 45 minutes to the hour, mainly just to move differently, and do some mobile stretches. Stretched after.

The video is on, and I'm following people. Some people are doing well, but I'm concerned that I haven't seen update data for some. Hope all is well.

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  1. A lot of the people I'm following haven't been updated in a while either... I think it's a glitch with the app/tracking or just slow to update or something.


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