Tuesday, April 10, 2012

You know procrastination is bad when

When you'd rather sort out tax paperwork than go for a run on a sunny day.
When you'd rather put on the grubby clothes, and contort yourself getting into dusty spots to tape up vapour barrier than run.
When you'd rather investigate the issues around painting a concrete basement floor than run.
You'd rather do a core session with plank in it than run.

No swim today. Mid-morning I was thinking I should have sucked it up and gone, since my shoulders were feeling better, then I started the vapour barrier stuff again. Now my shoulders are sore again. I'll be coming back to this.

It was supposed to be nice today, 15 C! Once I was done all the other stuff and had flailed through the core session, I headed out for a run. Wearing the shorts and tech shirt I'd been doing core in. I wasn't to the bottom of the driveway when I turned around and headed back in.

It was cold! I'm guessing 7 or 8 C (45 F), windy, and cloudy out. I put on tights and two layers of long sleeved tech shirts. I was planning to run towards the reservoir where it's open and exposed to the wind. Even then for a while I was thinking I was under dressed. That was a cold wind for April.

Even though I'd done the core, and walked a bit to warm up, and jogged easy to start, my breathing and heart rate were way out of control. I felt like a geezer wheezing along. Even tired my legs weren't minding the run so much, and in fact were kind of liking it, in a secret way they'd never really admit. But my heart and lungs were not up to it. Even after 15 minutes it was only a little better. Ran little cycles of running easy and gradually speeding up while trying to maintain form. Then easing off before I started gasping and panting. Ran 45 minutes, walked after, and stretched.

Oddly enough during the run, my shoulders were hurting. They wanted to cuddle my ears, and I was constantly trying to relax them. I could feel the stiffness in my upper body and couldn't seem to do anything about it. I think my overall posture was bad too, running with my butt out, but it's hard to tell. At least I was out there moving for a while.


  1. I run with my butt out. Really, I do. It's hard to stay tucked.

    That is some serious procrastination. I've been known to do really random things to avoid stuff I don't want to do. Like pulling all of the old hair out of my brush. I can send you the hairball if you want.

  2. Ah, no thanks on the hairball. We had several cats that loved to share their hairballs with us, and I'm totally over that now.


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