Friday, April 13, 2012

I did nothing today. NOTHING!

Well, that isn't quite true. Here is a complete and exact list of what I actually did today.

I got up, then went back to bed. Twice.
Drank coffee and had breakfast while reading blogs and stuff.
Went outside for a few minutes to makes sure the water from melting snow would drain ok.
Most of the day was spent reading The Scar by China Mieville, and I am loving it.
Ate some lunch goodies Linda brought back.
Had an afternoon nap, then chatted briefly with a Liberal handing out literature. I have his personal assurance that the Liberal candidate is a nice guy. A really nice guy.
Did some email.
Ate a light supper, and then blogged.
Thinking about going to bed early.

No, really, that's it.
No workouts. No core, serious stretching, swimming, biking, or running.
No I'm not sick or injured, it was just time for a rest day. So I rested. When I rest, I rest HARD!
No, I didn't do anything with the wine kits on the go, I'll do them tomorrow, though I did drink a glass of wine at one point.
No, I didn't do anything with the great vapour barrier sealing project.
No, really, that's it.

Yes, I loved it. I should do this more often.


  1. Rest days are the most important part of your yes, you should have more of them. :)

  2. As far as "workouts" are concerned today is a rest day as well. But sealing up the vapour barrier is a workout in itself.

  3. Well, if he's a nice guy, obviously that means you should vote for him.

  4. Well, it's him or the kid in University. I'm still undecided.


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