Sunday, September 25, 2011

Maybe last nice day for biking

Even if it was a bit windy. I left about 10 oclock, and it was already nice out. It never really got hot during my ride, but then I was only out for 40 K or so, for 1.5 hrs. Warm enough to be nice, windy enough to stay cool. A great day for a bike ride, possibly the last day to be nice enough for a bike ride in shorts and shirt till next year.

I saw a ton of other people out on 22X. My ride was mainly to spin the legs and keep the blood moving. Plus look at the scenery. It isn't the fall colours of Ontario's maple trees, but I love the gold and yellow and russet colours here.

After the bike ride I showered and we headed out to the Interior Design show. Linda was stood up by a buddy, so I went. We are mainly interested in furnace stuff, since our furnace was installed with the house in 84. No trouble with it, but we have been assured we are on borrowed time. Plus the government is offering a rebate program. We are also looking at roofing and siding, but that need isn't so urgent.

One of the things I sometimes enjoy at these trade shows is watching the hucksters. You know, the ones selling the veggie slicer thingies, or super-duper mops, or pots and pans, or who knows what all else. But today the demo that caught us was the Vitamix girl. TWSS! I was watching carefully, and in several demos she did not throw in anything that produced a nuclear green mix. So that was a big plus. We ended up sampling a juice, a soup, and some ice cream, though it was really more like a gelato. All were good. The demo was impressive. Buuuuuutttttt, we didn't, in the end. We have a food processor gathering dust.

After that was BBQ chicken, which was a bit of a struggle. The wind really picked up. With Yams, and wonderful blackberries for dessert.

So, blog buddies, your input is wanted here. How many of you have a Vitamix? How often do you use it? What is your favourite mix of stuff? Worth the $$$?


  1. Vita-mix?! What Kanadian konkoktion is that?!

  2. Haven't used mine yet...been too busy with stuff. By the way, I rode the Road to Nepal on Sunday! I was in Calgary for a whirlwind visit with MRT sponsors, and got the ride in on the way home...HOLY WIND!!!!! LMAO!!!!


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