Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I blame the frappachino

It was a Starbucks double chocolaty chip. You know I'm not a Starbucks fan, but how can you say no to chocolate? Especially when the boss is buying? There must be a zillion calories in that thing. I started drinking it about 3:35 or so, and stopped a few minutes after 4. Then sitting in traffic on Elbow on the way home I could feel the sugar rush hitting me. Up till then I'd been musing about running before yoga class, and thinking there wasn't really enough time, especially since Linda has left me and there is a very demanding cat to take care of.

But as soon as the rush hit me there was no doubt. As soon as I got home I fed Amelia, changed, limbered up a little bit, and started. It's a perfect day for running, sunny and warm, with a light breeze. I started easy, and decided to let my legs do what they wanted, though not letting them drive the lungs into overdrive or anything. I was mostly in the groove right from the start, and had a few minutes where I think I was really running, at least it felt that way. It still isn't fast, and probably looks like crap, but it felt good.

My legs and feet were happy. I had a pretty good turnover going, and I wasn't having to force it. Mainly I tried to relax and let my legs run. There's been times I think I've been trying to over think it, and I'm working too hard. I'm not sure if I can describe it, and I welcome feedback from any real runners that happen to be reading this. Normally what I'm doing is muscling my leg forward again. Today, I was trying to let it relax and let it come forward like a stretched out spring compressing again. Not too stretched out. I think this works different muscles.

In any case, even just trying to do that, and not trying to run fast, produced my fastest Fish Creek 7.75 K loop ever. It worked out to a 6:23 pace, and except for going up out of the park, my breathing was relaxed and regular. Not chatchatchat, but I'd I'd have been able to talk some.

I stretched a little bit, but mainly scuttled around getting something to eat, showering, getting the garbage out, and getting ready for yoga. Class was nice. My left side, especially hip flexors, is much tighter than the right side.

Oh, and a snow leopard arrived on my doorstep today.

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  1. Ooooo, snow leopard. Any photos of it or of your Amelia?


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