Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Swim Bike Yoga, fun fun fun

It doesn't get any better than this. Another perfect summer day.

Swam, working on being smooth, with mixed success. 10 min warm up, 5 x 100 on 2 min, all of them 1:45 or faster, 10 min cool down, though most of it wasn't. Today I was working on trying to keep my body as straight as possible, especially my head when I'm breathing. Another guy was swimming just a hair slower than I do, so I got the pull buoy and drafted him for most of the "cool down".  Then into the dive tank for a half hour of core and flexibility, mainly working the hips.

Sitting in the hot tub for a few minutes I got talking to LS, who finished IMC just a few minutes before I did. I've often seen her swimming but we've never chatted before. Always nice to meet another Ironman. Now I realize who she is. Holy Crap!

Did I say today was a perfect day for biking? It just doesn't get any nicer. I headed out on 22X but went down the road to the Priddis Greens golf course and country club. A very ritzy, swanky, EXPENSIVE course, even by the standards of the local nose in the air country clubs. I wasn't in a rush so I stopped a few times along the way for photos. Mainly tried to spin nice and easy.

Some days the mountains are right there in your face on this ride. Other times they are coy and reclusive. Today was the latter, but even so, the view was great!

The view from 22X and 37 st, looking west.

The view SW from the hill where you first see where 22 meets 22X

The view from just after 22, looking west.

The entrance to the golf course. You can just see the mountains in the background. The smell of money is thick in the air.

Yoga this evening. Nice. Fell asleep during shavasana. Linda says I snored.

All in all a big day, 1 hr in the pool 50/50 cardio and core, 2 hrs on the bike, and 1.25 hrs yoga.


  1. Let him go quietly to perdition.

    Meh. It's a nice turn of phrase, there, Achilles. But I'll stick with:

    "Eff YOU! Go to Hell!"

    That's WAAAAY more epic. Plus? I like the Trojans you can buy in a drug store waaay better.

  2. Yeah, what is it with lying wives? Teh 'Bride always accuses me of snoring, too. She bounced her butt on the bed to wake me up then tells me to roll over, but I have NEVER caught myself snoring. I think she's just sadistic.

    I don't snore. Plus? Snoring is a sign of virility. So I do snore.

    But I don't.


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